My chic friend Jennifer Alfano is the Founder of The Flair Index. It is one of the few sites I check daily and her sense of style, interviews with interesting women and her new podcast have enriched my life and influenced my own personal style. As a former Vogue and Bazaar editor, Jennifer has an elevated aesthetic and finds those special pieces that you will wear forever (like these classic Fair Isle Sweaters).
Here is Jennifer Alfano's inspiration behind the site:



:  a skill or instinctive ability to appreciate or make good use of something: talentalso : inclinationtendency

:  a uniquely attractive quality: style –Merriam-Webster

When I set out to launch this site, I knew the one common criteria each person, place and thing I wrote about would need to meet;  they would need to have flair.

Why flair? Flair is that intangible extra that makes the ho-hum extraordinary.

Anything can have flair. Mother Nature has flair. Many women and men I’ve met both in my professional life as a fashion editor/writer and in my personal life have it.  Objects can exude flair too.

But having “flair” isn’t necessarily about being stylish. People who have flair see the world from a unique viewpoint.  And they apply their “flair” or talent to whatever they do.  Flair can encompass beauty, humor, grit, compassion—the list is endless.

The best thing about flair? It makes your life better. More enjoyable. Nuanced. Sublime. Flair can upgrade your everyday.

So welcome to The Flair Index, a platform that features people, places and things that embody that elusive trait—in obvious and sometimes not-so-obvious ways.

I hope that you enjoy the site as much as I love sharing it with you.




Jennifer recently profiled my friend Permele Doyle who is the President of Billion Dollar Boy, an influencer marketing firm based in the UK and New York. I love how she finds inspirational women and allows us to learn more about how they have become successful and also what brings them joy in life.

Permele Doyle on The Flair Index

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