About the Brand

Heidi’s philosophy behind the brand is to offer classic styles that will be enjoyed for years to come. By offering a core collection of classics that are repeated annually, she eliminates the waste that comes with oversampling and chasing trends. When designing a new item, if Heidi thinks it won’t be relevant in five, ten or even twenty years, it doesn’t make the collection. Every single piece in the collection is carefully considered, with a focus on quality and timeless design.

Heidi draws inspiration from the places where she has lived and travelled, such as the Upper East Side, the Hudson Valley, the Main Line, Dublin, Belfast, Milan, Martha’s Vineyard, London, Amagansett and Florence. The collection reflects a casual-yet-refined luxury lifestyle.

How our product is made:

Social responsibility, ethical sourcing and quality are our core values. We work with family run mills that pay a living wage and use natural materials. We are constantly evolving and exploring new ways to improve our sustainability mission.

Our partners:

Our fair isle and wool sweater collection is made in Scotland in a mill that was established in 1874. We spent several years researching factories before partnering with this superior mill, which is world renowned for its quality. 

Located in Hawick, Scotland, they use only the finest yarns and natural fibers, including cashmere and lambswool.

The mill is a family run business with skilled workers from the same local families who have been employed for generations. The knitting machines have been used since the early 1920's, and the quality cannot be replicated by any other machine.

They are the oldest family run knitwear manufacturer in existence, and adhere to strict labor laws.

Using a blend of handcrafted and machine production, they create an unparalleled, quality product.

The soft Scottish water from the local rivers is used to wash the garments, resulting in a softness that is unable to be achieved without this special process.

Our fisherman knit collection is produced in a family run mill in a small town in Ireland, approximately an hour outside Dublin. We have been working with this mill for over seven years, and are grateful for this successful partnership and their consistent commitment to quality.

The mill was established in 1957, with the heritage of the traditional knitting process stretching back 100 years. Purchasing one of our fisherman knit sweaters helps to keep this artisanal craft alive.

The grandchildren of the original founder run the mill now. They adhere to fair labor practices, and provide the same attention to quality and superior craftsmanship.

The sweaters feature natural fibers, the finest merino wool, and are hand finished and manufactured to the highest standard.

The Heidi Wynne collection started with our cashmere Isabelle Wrap, and we continue to work with our original cashmere mill in Nepal to this day. Family owned and operated since 1998, the company is highly regarded for its quality and craftsmanship. They practice ethical treatment of workers, pay a living wage, and are helping to build back the Nepal economy after the earthquake. Vegetable dyes are used for the dying process, and they offer only natural materials with no synthetics.

Our brand:

The Heidi Wynne brand is a favorite of top stylists, celebrities and influencers including celebrity stylists Ann Caruso and Allison Bornstein, actress Elizabeth Hurley, Stacie Flinner, Grace Atwood of The Stripe, Merritt Beck of The Style Scribe, Preston Davis of Keep it Chic, Jennifer Alfano of The Flair Index and Heather Clawson of Habitually Chic

Heidi and her company are located in the Hudson Valley, New York.