The incomparably chic Stacie Flinner and her friend Sarah Flint, the talented founder of Sarah Flint Shoes, recently visited Italy. Sarah wore her Heidi Wynne Brigitte Chambray Dress (coming soon!). They visited the factories where Sarah's beautiful collection of footwear is made, and took the most incredible photos of their trip. 
I just love a Vespa and this image makes me want to hop on a flight to Italy.
Stacie wore her Heidi Wynne St Tropez Hat (and we love Sarah's chic hat as well!). Please follow Stacie Flinner and Sarah Flint for more photos of their stylish trip to Italy. Sarah's beautiful collection of handcrafted shoes is available on, and Stacie's inspirational site, filled with chic outfit suggestions, can be found at They will have you planning your next vacation to Italy!