We recently enjoyed a week on the coast of Ireland in Bettystown. It is approximately 35 minutes outside Dublin and is such a peaceful, beautiful place. 

We stayed at The Cottages in Bettystown which was so lovely.

We were steps from the beach and the ocean breeze was so refreshing.

The Cottages.

Our Panarea Crossbody on the beach.

A local restaurant and pub in one of the nearby towns.

We also visited one of our sweater mills in the countryside about an hour from Dublin.

We met members of the team and reviewed new weaves and colors.

This pink color is so fun.

It is always such a pleasure to see where our product is made and know with confidence that the workers are treated well. We have partnered with this sweater mill for over seven years and are so grateful for this longterm partnership. Their quality and attention to detail is exceptional and they are always so supportive and kind.


The highlight of this trip was a visit to the family apple orchard where I toured the grounds and learned quite a bit about how a farm is run.


I loved the stone pillars and iron gate at the entrance.

One of the homes on the estate was built in 1740.

This room is being renovated however I love how it appears to be frozen in time.

Some of the workers live in this home.


Fresh thyme grows throughout the land.

I was amazed by the vibrant color of the grass.

The apple picking season starts in mid August.

Ireland is such an incredible place and I can't wait for the next visit. 


  • Ireland is so picturesque, it almost doesn’t seem real at times! You’ve captured it beautifully, and I can’t wait to see the knitted results!

    Alyssa | wawardblog.com on

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