This week on Wynne's World we get to know the beautiful Tracie Martyn who shares her summer favorites and beauty recommendations. I first met Tracie years ago through my friend, the stylist and influencer Ann Caruso, who has flawless, glowing skin and has been devoted to Tracie's products and treatments for years. I was immediately impressed by Tracie's warmth and authenticity- she is a beautiful human being on the inside and out. As soon as I started using her products, which are all natural and never tested on animals, I noticed an immediate result. I asked Tracie to share her top three products (which I can't live without) as well as her top beauty treatments. Tracie tends to the skin of some of the most beautiful and prominent people in the world however she is incredibly down to earth and has a unique way of treating everyone as equals which is rare in the fashion and beauty world. 
Top Three Beauty Products

Complexion Savior: Organic Aloe Vera mixed with Crystal Power Cosmeceuticals to protect your skin: A plumping and soothing mask that has instantly become a best seller, the all natural and luxurious Complexion Savior hydrates, purifies, detoxifies and protects. Featuring our trademarked Gemceuticals formulated with the precious stone Malachite, the mask has anti-oxidant and anti-pollution properties, especially important during travel and sun exposure. Its anti-irritants, including organic Aloe Vera and other botanicals, sooth, cool and calm the skin,making this mask ideal for redness, rosacea, and breakouts. No matter your skin type or concern, your skin will drink up our gentle, oil-free formula, which deeply hydrates for visibly brighter, plumper, and more radiant skin.

Free of petro-chemicals, dyes, artificial fragrances and unnecessary fillers. Tracie does not test on animals.
Absolute Purity Toner: Summer lavender bloom on your face! Fusing knowledge of Asian botanicals and Western cosmeceuticals, we created a clarifying, age-signs addressing, brightening, smoothing and pore-tightening alcohol free essence that goes way beyond what one would expect from a toner. Absolute Purity Toner was born out of a need for purification, redness calming and rejuvenating all at the same time. The inspiration came from merging the best East and West had to offer by fusing the properties of organic White Tea, natural cosmeceuticals like Azelaic acid (the golden standard of rosacea treatments) formulated in a gentle but effective way and Western botanicals like organic Olive Leaf and Rosebay Willow Herb in a base of fragrant Organic Lavender water. The result: clear, young, bright, even, smooth and simply beautiful skin.

Resculpting Neck and Body Serum: Define your jawline and your curves- Another Pure yet Potent skin care creation the Resculpting Neck and Body Serum is an ultra-tightening and hydrating neck, jaw-line and body serum. Designed to target all problem zones where increased elasticity and firming is desired, this all-natural formula helps to regenerate by boosting skin's natural radiance through the power of peptides, amino acids and enzymes. Immediate lifting effect so you turn heads on the beach.
We blend in this formula natural cosmeceuticals like Coenzyme A, also called the "master enzyme" with exotic botanicals including super-hydrating Asian Silver Tremella extract, nature's best version of hyaluronic acid and clinically proven pumpkin seed extract to target stretch marks. Natural light diffusing minerals minimize the appearance of wrinkles. Leaves a silky hydrated feel on the skin.
Top Three Beauty Treatments

Purple Ray Facial: During
 the summer your skin may be more challenged due to sweat, sun and sunscreen. We feel that you should unclog and rejuvenate with this hybrid lifting and cleansing facial. It is the perfect treatment to revive and hydrate your damaged summer skin, while maintaining that fabulous summer glow. 
Red Carpet Facial: Keep rejuvenating and getting all the attention at summer parties and the beach. Not only is this treatment a Gym for your Face by mildly stimulating and toning your facial muscles via a proprietary current channeled through our futuristic computerized Resculptor beauty machine, we also added a UV light reversing pulsating Amber LED light. It works by preserving your collagen and is also available as a 20 minute express Enlightenment treatment.

Resculpting Body Treatment: Love your body! Take care of it and prepare for the beach. And you will feel more confident if you do so. The lifting, firming and contouring Resculpting Body Treatment shifts the paradigm of no pain, no gain. While we use some serious science the mild electrical currents are hardly felt so you can have your relaxation time on the treatment table while we zap your bits for smoother, firmer and tighter bums, thighs and waistlines.
Summer Reading:  SoulCycle Senior Master Instructor, Stacey Griffith, one of our wonderful clients recently wrote her own book, Two Turns from Zero. I love inspiring and motivational books. 
Favorite Summer Vacation Spot: It is hard to pick a favorite however we had a wonderful time in Anguilla.
Favorite Summer Activities: I love swimming, hiking and yoga
Summer Fashion Essential: I love my purple Heidi Wynne Lightweight Cashmere Bela Wrap.
Summer Treat: I love a fresh pressed juice or shake. Juice Press Doctor Green is awesome! Also watermelon is lovely and the lycopene protects your skin from inside.

Summer Activities: I love all of the parks, wherever there is a spec of nature in NYC and a view of the River- the High Line is great for instance. I do like parks mostly where you can take your dog (like Central Park and Prospect Park) as they are the best companions!

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