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Our next holiday gift guide is from the fabulous Pamela Keogh, author of several of my favorite books including Jackie Style, Audrey Style, What Would Audrey Do and Are You a Jackie or a Marilyn. (Editor's note- these books also make an excellent holiday gift.) Pamela can be found on Instagram as @thekayclub and below she shares her holiday gift suggestions.


Photo by Jim Wilson for The New York Times

I’ll do some baking over the Holidays, and found a fantastic recipe for Pumpkin Bread from the NYTimes, that I’m going to try. With bourbon and browned butter, I figure it can’t go too wrong.  You can find it here: NY Times Pumpkin Bread Recipe 




My friend, Gina de Givenchy, has started GEEG, to offer financial support for women going through cancer. They have a beautiful bracelet I’ve been wearing 24/7, and I’ll be giving it to all my best girlfriends.  They can be found at

Demoiselles Pink Printed Bed Linens from D. Porthault

Demoiselles Pink Printed Bed Linens from D.Porthault because, why not? Twice yearly sales bring these french luxury linens within the realm of possibility. Ask for sales associate Carol Jackson, she’s wonderful.  212-688-1660   


Locust Valley BookStore      


I like to shop locally.  A new mainstay in town, the Locust Valley Bookstore is one of my favorites – and owner Lisa Scully really knows her stuff. They have every book in the world, they wrap, they deliver, they even make custom gift baskets. If you’re headed out to LV for the weekend sans hostess gift – they've got that, too. 




Jeffrey Bilhuber turned me on to these peanuts, and I badgered him until he gave me the source – they're from a church in North Carolina of all places. So whatever your spiritual beliefs, they’re worth it -- and they ship!     

If you’re looking for a more practical gift, every writer I know uses the Pilot Precise V7. I prefer blue.  


Ann Caruso (with her Heidi Wynne Mini French Market Tote)


And finally, Ann Caruso and Duff Lambros are two of the chicest gals I know, so I’m just going to parrot whatever they're doing this Holiday Season. 

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