Elliott Sailors- Makeup by Kate Best
Our photo shoot took place last week and despite the rain it was such a success! Elliott and Cindy Jo looked so beautiful and I'm grateful to the team for turning the inspiration for the shoot into reality. The linen dresses will be available for Resort as well as new straw bags. For Holiday we will have our cozy fisherman knit sweaters and will introduce our cashmere New Canaan Cape. Here are behind the scenes photos from the shoot.
Michael and Cindy Jo
Cindy Jo in her Heidi Wynne White Linen Dress and Lavender Claudia Wrap
Cindy Jo in her Heidi Wynne Python Wrap and AERA Sally Python Sandals
I love this shot of Cindy Jo!
Celebrity Makeup Artist Kate Best called this photo of Elliott "Verushka in Morocco"
Cindy Jo always brings so much laughter and fun to a shoot!
The professional shots that our photographer, Landon, took of Elliott and Cindy Jo together are incredible. This was just from an iPhone. I can't wait to post the Resort images!
It was brutally hot in my apartment due to the bright photo lights however Cindy Jo and Elliott were such good sports!
I've known Elliott since she was 23 and she gets even more beautiful with age- such a beautiful human being on the inside and out.
Cindy Jo in our Fisherman Knit Crewneck and Cindy Hat -named after Cindy Jo because she looks so good in hats!
Our plan for outdoor shots was thwarted by the rain however we made the best of things and the photos by the fire turned out so well.
Relaxing with Michael after the shoot- it was a long day however the results were incredible and I'm so grateful to everyone for their support!