620 Fifth Avenue, Rooftop Garden
Summer can be the best time to stay in the city and also the best time to leave the city (as in almost every day of muggy, hot August). Once everyone escapes to their summer homes, however, a tranquility exists that presents the perfect opportunity to explore without battling the crowds. My summer plans including weekend excursions upstate and to Amagansett but also plenty of time spent in the city walking through the park with friends, enjoying outdoor cafés, visiting the new Whitney Museum of Art and the Frida Kahlo exhibition at The New York Botanical Garden. Here are a few photos of my summer in the city- more to come!
Central Park Ducks and Turtles
A newly discovered city park one block from my home
A Central Park Gazebo
Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Reservoir at Dusk
Our Edgartown Clutch, Herbal Tea and Café Boulud's delicious Madelines