Rolla Wazni


One of the many benefits of Instagram is having the opportunity to get to know fascinating women from all over the world. During the past week, it was so nice to learn that many of these women who I respect and admire for their style also share my values regarding equality and social justice. Rolla Wazni, who is based in Paris, happens to be one of them and I am so honored to interview her and allow us get to know her even better.

Rolla earned an MA in Fine Arts in Drouot in Paris. She then spent several years working and honing her experience in the art world. Her long passion for art, fashion and interior design as well as her love for music and film made her entry into the art industry inherent and intuitive. Known for her trending yet elegant taste, she directly found a major role in the art and design industry. Rolla started as a Director at Carpenters Workshop Gallery focusing on expanding the gallery's reach into the MENA region. After 5 years with CWG, Rolla decided to take on a new challenge and shift from contemporary design to contemporary art by joining Kamel Mennour. 
She was first posted as a director at the London Gallery and lead the gallery's operations and sales as it first entered the London market. Rola decided to move back to Paris, her second home, while remaining a key member of the Kamel Mennour gallery as the Director of Sales. Rolla's esthetics and elegant style made her an influential and inspiring figure in both the art and design industry as well as the fashion and entertainment world.
If you aren't already following Rolla on Instagram, please do and I promise you will not regret it. One of my favorite activities is watching classic films, especially when they feature a stylish wardrobe. Rolla's feed always catches my eye because in additional to posting inspirational images and songs, she has exceptional taste in film. I asked Rolla to share some of her favorites and I look forward to watching the ones that are new to me.
La Chamade
La Chamade by Alain Cavalier, 1968
Belle de Jour by Luis Buñuel, 1967
La Piscine by Jacques Deray, 1969
Les Choses de la vie by Claude Sautet, 1970
Les Choses de la vie
Dangerous Liaisons by Stephen Frears, 1988
The Edge of Love by John Maybury, 2008
The Edge of Love
Anna Karenina by Joe Wright, 2012
Atonement by Joe Wright, 2007
The Virgin Suicides by Sofia Coppola, 1999
The Godfather by Francis Ford Coppola, 1972
Great Expectations by Alfonso Cuaron, 1998 
Great Expectations
Unfaithful by Adrian Lyne, 2002
9 1/2 Weeks by Adrian Lyne, 1985
American Gigolo by Paul Schrader, 1980 
Bridget Jones’s Diary by Sharon Maguire, 2001
The Talented Mr. Ripley by Anthony Minghella, 1999
The Talented Mr. Ripley
The Royal Tenenbaums by Wes Anderson, 2000
Against All Odds by Taylor Hackford, 1984
Against All Odds

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