CBK Author Sunita Kumar Nair

CBK Author Sunita Kumar Nair

This week on Wynne's World we are thrilled to interview Sunita Kumar Nair, the author of CBK: Carolyn Bessette Kennedy, A Life in Fashion, which is available in our Gift Shop and other retailers. CBK has influenced my personal style more than anyone, and Sunita's book exceeded expectations. She did an amazing job, and we wanted to learn more about Sunita's life and holiday plans.

Some background on Sunita from her bio: Sunita Kumar Nair is a fashion creative director, writer, curator and presenter, working with leading publications Sunday Times Style, WWD and on the masthead at W magazine New York. Directing and writing with the highest echelons in fashion photography and editorial for nearly two decades she brings her curatorial approach and refined eye, to every creative project: in fashion, art or design. Her debut book is a testament to her discerning taste and vision.

Heidi: Please tell us where you live and what is your favorite restaurant during the holiday season? 

Sunita: I live in London at the moment, my favourite restaurant is funnily enough a New York one, Balthazar. I also enjoy Claridge's for a drink.


 Heidi: Do you have a favorite holiday film? 

 Sunita: I always watch ELF with my son. We both know the script by heart, but it always gets us in the holiday mood. When I need to get lost into a different world, I use the holidays to watch beautifully art directed movies, or I will rewatch anything by Wes Anderson like the Royal Tenenbaums, or Darjeeling Limited or anything by Sofia Coppola will do it like Lost In Translation. 

 The Royal Tenenbaums

Heidi: I know you were recently in New York for your book events. Do you have holiday travel plans? Or any local plans? 

Sunita: I will be at home in London over part of December resting as its been a busy year with my family, and then hopefully India for some sun for the New Year. 



Heidi: What are you wearing this holiday season and what are your favorite holiday beauty products?

Sunita: I will be wearing my Prada shearling silk headband to keep my ears warm and Carhart fleece zip up for my dog walks. I collect some rare pashmina shawls which I look forward to wearing. My boiled wool cream Jil Sander cardigan, my Prada Origami flower ballet shoes for day and my new Manolo Blahnik shoes which I wore for my book launch for evenings along with my mother’s/ grandmother’s antique jewellery for a bit of colour and sparkle. I keep the rest of my wardrobe palette with muted colours and a simple silhouette, so I like to add with a little jewellery or an interesting shoe. I have some dresses from Celine and Bottega Veneta that I will most likely wear as well for the holidays.

I am pretty minimal with my makeup - I love enhancing the soft glow I have with my skin already, with some Westman Atelier products like LIT and Vital skincare. When the nights are dark I always have a soak and will add some Suzanne Kaufmann bath salts and Penhaligon’s Bluebell Bath Oil.  

Jill Sander Boiled Wool Cardigan, Westman Atelier Vital Skin Pressed Powder, Bottega Veneta Dress, Penhaligon's Bluebell Bath Oil, Cashmere Scarf, Westman Atelier Lit Up Highlight Stick, Susanne Kaufman Bath Salts, Prada Origami Flats  


Heidi: Who is your fashion icon? 

Sunita: I will say fashion icon is CBK for this year! I have been fully immersed in her world and though I had paid fleeting attention to her style before, I think about aspects of her clothing now when I dress. As for beauty it’s my mum and grandmother. They both have the most beautiful skin and have kept it in the most perfect condition despite their age. If I can be blessed with the same skin as theirs at seventy years plus, I will be happy.  

 CBK in Sunita's book CBK: Carolyn Bessette Kennedy, A Life in Fashion 

Heidi:  Finally, what is meaningful in your life this holiday season and what brings you joy? 

Sunita: Reading books, I get very excited about that over the holidays, jigsaw puzzles, hanging out with my family especially my son, we take small polaroids over the year and usually at the end of it, we make a little scrapbook up with these beautiful cloth bound albums, and talk about our memories. Seeing extended friends and family, cozying by the fire with a glass of wine, avoiding any kind of cooking but doing lots of table settings for gatherings and playing some tennis (in the cold) with my son. 

We loved learning more about Sunita and her holiday style. She can be found on IG  @sunitakumarnair and at sunita-kumarnair.com

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