This week on Wynne's World, my friend Jennifer Alfano, Founder of The Flair Index, shares her fall style and beauty favorites with us. Jennifer is a former Vogue and Harper's Bazaar editor, and we have always loved her clean, focused, minimalist style. The Flair Index is also one of our favorite sites for fashion, beauty and lifestyle inspiration. Jennifer has such a good eye, so it is always an honor to be featured as one her Flair Finds. Last summer we collaborated on a straw bag called The Morgan, an ivory sisal bag with cowrie shells, and it was such a success that I plan to bring it back again this summer.
Heidi: What will you be wearing this fall season?


Jennifer: Usually in the fall I am in jeans (vintage Levi 501’s) every day, but this year I bought 3 pairs of pleated trousers from The Row (all on sale, I searched high and low for them) in black, ivory and navy which are the base of most of my looks. I have a thing for gray v-neck sweaters, so my Heidi Wynne Ryan V-Neck will be a constant. On top of it all, my HommeGirls oversized Chesterfield and a black HW cash throw.  On my feet: my Gucci loafers (if it’s not too cold), classic Stan Smiths or Toteme boots.

I’m also into a sexy, cozy vibe and will wear my Frances de Lourdes Beatrice Dress with my Heidi Wynne Grey Fisherman Knit Cardigan and my loafers or ballet flats.


Frances de Lourdes Beatrice Dress 


Heidi: Could you please share with us your fall makeup and skin care favorites?


Jennifer: I bought the Westman Atelier Le Box holiday gift box from Knockout Beauty—I love the deep lip shades. I’ve also been using my Victoria Beckham Tweed Eye Palette a lot lately too. I definitely like to wear more makeup when it’s cold. Now that I’m running outside for exercise and it’s colder, I need more hydration for my skin, so Vintner’s Daughter Botanical Serum is an always favorite. I swear by it.

Vintner's Daughter Botanical Serum, Westman Atelier Le Box, Victoria Beckham Tweed Eye Palette

Heidi: Do you have any fall travel plans or local plans? 

Jennifer: My favorite weekend activity varies. A perfect quiet day is a walk at Rockefeller State Park and an evening at home with a fire and a perfect Manhattan that my husband makes.

Rockefeller State Park


I am also looking forward to dressing up and going out for dinner and cocktails; I like old school NY places like Bemelman’s Bar and Raoul’s (though it’s so hard to get into!).


As far as travel, we are headed to Paris the week of Thanksgiving. I couldn’t be more excited, it’s been way too long.


Heidi: What are you reading and watching this fall season?


Jennifer: I’m starting to read Jonathan Franzen’s new book, Crossroads.

What I’m most excited about is I finally subscribed to The Criterion Collection and am planning on covering a lot of ground with old movies, which you are so good at recommending. I recently watched La Pointe Courte that Rolla Wazni posted on her IG; it was beautifully shot and I hadn’t seen an Agnes Varda’s film before, I’m thinking of going down director rabbit holes.

La Pointe Courte, Crossroads


Heidi: Do you have a favorite fall meal?

Jennifer: I hardly ever eat meat anymore, but one thing I have to make a couple of times when it’s cold is Bill Blass’s meatloaf. It is hands down the best.





Bill Blass Meat Loaf Recipe


Jennifer can be found on theflairindex.com and on Instagram: @theflairindex

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