We have wanted to start a book club for the longest time, and what better way to begin than with this book about J.Crew. The Kingdom of Prep by Maggie Bullock is a quick read that will bring you back to the nostalgic early days of the brand through the innovative reign of Jenna Lyons. 


If you are also a fan of the brand, I suggest following the IG account @lostjcrew, which is an endless source of inspiration. I remember receiving the J.Crew catalog in the 90s and 2000s, and at times I found it to be more inspirational than Vogue. Viewing images from @lostjcrew brings back waves of nostalgia.


 Did you read The Kingdom of Prep, and if so, what were your thoughts?


  • I loved this book. For me it read like behind the scenes gossip/history as well as an episode of Guy Raz’s podcast of How I Built This. I love a business/fashion read. And, I am now obsessed with Mickey Drexler.

    karen on

  • I’m loving The Kingdom of Prep. Business plus fashion!

    Karen on

  • Can I join your book club? I’m buying that book now!

    karen @harrowstyle on

  • I was afraid it might feel like an industry read, but I was pleasantly surprised and could not put it down. The J.Crew photo shoots were legendary, and I loved learning more about what was happening behind the scenes!

    So next book is either Capote’s Women by Laurence Leamer or The Shards by Bret Easton Ellis. And suggestions are always welcome! I plan to offer film suggestions and discussions here as well! xoxo HW

    Heidi Wynne on

  • Such a good recommendation Heidi! I didn’t think this book would be the page-turner it turned out to be. And major nostalgia for that era, which I kind of always have. What book is next? Count me in on a HW book club!

    Jennifer Alfano on

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